30 August 2006

A is for amica

This is the first in a continuing series of entries inspired by the Italian alphabet.

Today I went to get a haircut at a small pink boutique. Saying boutique makes it sound chic, luxe, extraordinaire. But it's not. It is fairly indie, fairly hip, and molto cool. For example, the girl next to me was getting a very Art-School-meets-Cleopatra hair cut and the girl she'd brought along to keep her company had a buzz cut and an armful of tattoos. Molto cool indeed.

The music was non-stop Madonna through the ages so I had to ask... What did the young man with the scissors think of Madonna's giant H&M advertisement hanging on the scaffolding around Milan's Duomo? It's only the third largest cathedral in all of Europe and here's Madonna, 3+ stories tall, living large for all to see. On the side of a church, people. A giant Italian church!

He was smiling when he answered. "I love to see her there. It makes me so happy! Every time I walk past, I look up and say ciao!" (And then he waved a jaunty, perfect little wave.)

Sounds kind of like seeing a friend... Kind of like seeing an amica.

A é per l'amica

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Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog, but I'm an American living in Milan as well! Maybe we can get a coffee sometime!