07 April 2009

tokyo sidewalks

Tokyo is a buzzing beehive of a city, right up there with New York and London except with less diversity. Make that a lot less diversity: no one is overweight and no one left home without first looking in the mirror.

Take me to Tokyo to see men who dress like this. Show me red blazers and striped pants. Bold black glasses and bags that stand out in the crowd. In a city so criss-crossed with life and energy and blinking signs five-stories tall, these flashes of style bring you right back down to earth.

But the show comes flying past fast. And if you're not quick with the camera you'll only get a memory, because these guys don't dawdle - they swagger.

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Levi Stahl said...

When we were in Tokyo in February, we all definitely noticed the women's fashion--no one looked sloppy or even very casual--but for the most part the men were in dark suits, looking put together but nondescript. We definitely didn't see anyone in a red blazer--that's a great look!

Meanwhile, my suits and fedora did their part to keep Al Capone ensconced as the international image of Chicago.