04 July 2011

and for our next destination...

There’s no telling where life will take you. And later this month ours is taking us to a country a-great-many-hours-on-a-great-many-airplanes away.

In a big, fluffy, general sense we've known this was coming for a while. What we didn’t know was that our wall calendar always knew a bit more than we did. By the looks of it, the wall calendar already knew where we would be going (and when) last year when we bought it in Milan.

We discovered this when we flipped our calendar from June to July, and its previously random stream of color combinations landed on the above. Realizing our calendar has such an expert grasp on our futures could have come in really handy. Particularly when we were trying to figure out logistical details the old-fashioned way.

Perhaps we should take comfort in the fact that two human brains and a wall calendar have managed to independently come to an agreement on where we should move our lives and when. We just begrudge the fact that the wall calendar figured it out first.

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Freewheel said...

So happy to see this blog active again!