26 October 2013

where two (or three) wheels can take you

These commuters drove past me just a few minutes apart on the same Chengdu morning. A local wouldn't even give them a second glance.

Have a large piece of foam core that needs to get somewhere?
Just make sure you can still reach the handlebars.

Need to go where where cute shoes and tights are appreciated?
One of you can just stand on the running board.

What about a family of three?
Hop on. You can even fit a bag of groceries between the driver's legs.

Have some cardboard that needs to get recycled?
Just tie it on and don't get hit by the truck with the tree trunks while lighting your cigarette.

And this stuff with a lady's face on it. Can you get it where it needs to go?
Of course. I can even cross my legs along the way.

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