02 December 2005

Big Guy sighting

Today, along with a great many other festive folk, we went to the National Tree Lighting Ceremony which is hosted by The President of the United States and the First Lady. If you'll remember from previous postings there was a fair amount of effort exerted to get the tickets - but if you want to see the Big Guy, you've got to work for it.

The media was there in full force and one of the most tender moments during the painfully named Christmas Pageant of Peace was when Maya Angelou was reading an inspirational and heart-warming poem and one of the camera/director/producer guys who was hanging out on the media stand continued to prattle on into his cell phone at full volume. When even the kids are looking in his direction you know there's a problem.

Now I didn't manage to get a picture of the Big Guy but he was very popular. When he came out everyone stood up and cheered. The kids went wild. There was a lot of finger pointing and clapping. It was joyous and grand. Everybody knows what the Big Guy looks like so instead of a photo of his impressive ensemble, I managed to grab a shot of his digital cue cards. Because everyone who's anyone needs cue cards and the Big Guy is no exception.

And oh yah, you might recognize this gentleman as well.

And with that, the Holiday Season officially begins. Better add "cue cards" to the wish list.

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