09 December 2005

delayed arrival

"Delayed arrival" is a brand new concept for me. But I am a rule follower at heart and I will follow the rules as laid before me: I will not arrive at work early; I will not arrive at work on time. I will arrive by as much as, but not more than, two hours late.

Mind you, this is not the snow that the Midwest is facing. DC has, let's say, the icing on a cinnamon roll whereas Chicago found itself beneath the filling in a Twinkie. (And I bet they all had to get to work on time.)

It's further proof that DC is both flustered and appalled by snow. Because there is snow on the ground I may, officially, come in late. And the kids... the kids don't have to go to school at all! Schools are closed and there's not even enough snow to make a snowman. All these kids are going to do is get hopped up on hot chocolate and knock things off the Christmas Tree. And maybe find where the presents are hidden. Good times.

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Ms Schvine said...

They sure don't know how lucky they have it!